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I Want a Wife by Judy Brady Journal Essay

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The Judy Brady as the Author of I Want a Wife | Kibin

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Using Logos, she states all of her duties that we assume she has had to perform. Brady uses this to give the idea that women are expected to do too much.

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All of these appeals are strategically used throughout her writing to gain an advantage in the audience. One example is her use of repetition. Doing so makes her point stronger and more definitive. It shows that men only see their wives as a slave to their needs.

Brady also uses Irony throughout the entire paper making it seem as though a male were writing it himself. It then sends a message to the male audience that it is unlikely to find a wife described in the article. In the essay, Judy speaks her mind sarcastically while also showing her bias on the situation.

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Through plenty of examples, the author makes it clear how she feels about her role as a wife. When reading her article, viewers might see that it is just another wife complaining about her jobs and overreacting. Not only does she exaggerate in every sense, she never takes the male role into perspective and fails to give us any credit for the work we do.

The author in this essay made very good points about a controversial topic, even today.


Analysis Of ' I Want A Wife ' By Judy Brady Essay example

What she is saying is not wrong and very well supported by her use of appeals and figurative language. Everything is just exaggerated out of proportion.

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  5. Yes, it would be nice to have a wife how she described but no wife is actually expected to fulfill these rolls. However, her bias causes her to miss the whole other side of the story of what husbands have to go through on a daily basis. This does not yet apply to me being a college student, but when the time comes to settle down, I will surely remember this assignment.

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