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These measures will help is securing our as well as our next generation future. Effect of pollution on the health The environmental pollution, directly and indirectly, affects the lives of humans and other species. Effect on Air Carbon and dust particles string up with the air in the form of smog, damaging respiratory system , haze, and smoke. Besides, it also affects the body system and body organs. Effect on Water Water gets contaminated easily with any pollutant whether it is human waste or chemical discharge from factories. Effect on Food Because of contaminated soil and water, the crop or agricultural produce also get toxic.

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Effect on Climate Climate change is also a cause of environmental pollution. Share with friends. Customize your course in 30 seconds Which class are you in? This comment form is under antispam protection.

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Environmental Pollution Control – Water, Air and Land - Green Clean Guide

Have a doubt at 3 am? Our experts are available 24x7. Connect with a tutor instantly and get your concepts cleared in less than 3 steps. Download the App Watch lectures, practise questions and take tests on the go. The main pollutants found in the air people breathe include, particulate matter, PAHs, lead, ground-level ozone, heavy metals, sulphur dioxide, benzene, carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide European Public Health Alliance, Air pollution in urban areas has numerous health impact such as a shorter lifespan for city inhabitants Progressive Insurance, Air pollution is also responsible for climate change due to the enhanced greenhouse effect, acid rain, and the depletion of the ozone layer that constitute important global environmental problems.

Mishra stated that fast growth in urban population, increasing industrialization, and rising demands for energy and motor vehicles are the deteriorating air pollution levels He further said that other factors, such as poor environmental ruling, less efficient technology of production, jammed roads, and age and poor maintenance of automobiles also increase pollution level. It is established that air pollution is caused of ill health and death by natural and man-made sources.

Major man-made sources of ambient air pollution include tobacco smoke, combustion of solid fuels for cooking, heating, home cleaning agents, insecticides industries, automobiles, power generation, poor environmental regulation, less efficient technology of production, congested roads, and age and poor maintenance of cars and other automobiles.

The natural sources include furnaces and waste disposals, forest and agricultural fires European Public Health Alliance, Air pollution occurs both outdoors and indoors and is caused by human activities and natural mechanisms. Outdoor air pollution is described as the discharge of numerous air pollutants in to the atmosphere, in concentrations that threaten the health of living organisms or upset the function of the environment as a system leading to human health damages in various ways.

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Indoor air pollution is defined as the amount of chemical, biological and physical contaminants in the air inside a building. Indoor air pollution is more dangerous as compared to outdoor air pollution. Some of indoor air pollutant sources in houses including building materials, pressed wood products and furniture, central heating and cooling systems, several personal care or household cleaning products, painting colours, solvents, heating or cooking appliances stoves, wood and gas burning fireplaces, gas heaters , tobacco smoke, office machines and other products used in daily activities EPA, Consequences of Air Pollution: Air pollution cause many health issues.

It is found that CO2 is a good transmitter of sunlight, but it also partially restricts infrared radiation going back from the earth into space, which produces the greenhouse effect that prevents a drastic cooling of the Earth during the night. Increasing the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere strengthens this effect and is expected to result in a warming of the Earth's surface.

Air pollution has harmful impact on plant life. Sulphur di oxide is considered as most harmful pollutant Rao, Effect of pollutant on plants Source: Rao, Air pollution monitoring is very necessary to control pollution. These techniques collect data by scientists to enable them to make informed decisions to manage overall quality of environment. Air pollution monitoring and source categorization Source: Bhola, et, al. Water pollution: Water pollution is also a matter of concern for human life. Polluted water comprises of Industrial discharged wastes, sewage water, rain water pollution Ashraf et al, Water can also be polluted by agriculture or households cause damage to human health or the environment.

European Public Health Alliance, This water pollution adversely impacts the health and quality of soils and vegetation Carter, Pollutants in water include a wide range of chemicals, pathogens, and physical chemistry or sensory changes. Many of the chemical substances are toxic or even carcinogenic. Pathogens can obviously produce waterborne diseases in either human or animal hosts.

The effects of water pollution are major cause of death for humans at global scale. Furthermore, water pollution affects oceans, lakes, rivers, and drinking water Scipeeps, A drinking water contained a fluoride content ranging from 5. It has been found that Paper and pulp mills consume large amount of water and discharge liquid and solid waste products into the environment.

The liquid waste is usually high in biological oxygen demand, suspended solids, and chlorinated organic compounds such as dioxins World Bank, Treatment of water pollution: There are many ways by which water pollution can be treated such as industrial treatment, denitrification, septic tank, and ozone waste water treatment. Before raw sewage can be carefully released back into the environment, it must be treated properly in a water treatment plant. In a water treatment plant, sewage goes through a number of chambers and chemical processes to reduce the amount and toxicity of the waste.

Denitrification is an ecological approach to avert the leaching of nitrates in soil, and stops ground water pollution with nutrients. Septic tanks treat sewage at the place where it is located and used to treat sewage from an individual building. Untreated sewage from a property flows into the septic tank and the solids are separated from the liquid. Environmentalists use Biological processes to degrade the solid matter.

Another method to treat water pollution is well known Ozone wastewater treatment.

Environment and pollution essay

An ozone generator break down pollutants in the water source. The generators convert oxygen into ozone using Ultraviolet radiation and Electric discharge field. There are numerous advantages of ozone to treat wastewater such as this technique kills bacteria successfully, oxidizes substances such as iron and sulphur. There are some drawbacks of adopting ozone to treat wastewater such as it requires energy in the form of electricity, cost money and cannot work when the power is lost and cannot remove dissolved minerals and salts.

Pollution (An English Essay) for the classes of intermediate and high school

Inadequate management of solid waste is one of the main causes of environmental pollution Kimani, Land pollution is one of the main forms of environmental calamity in current situation Khan, Consequences of Land Pollutants are dangerous such as extermination of wild life. In land pollution, acid rain kills trees and other plants and vegetation that provides food and shelter is destroyed. It can seriously disturb the balance of nature, and, in extreme cases, can cause human mortalities.

Pesticides can damage crops; kill vegetation and poison birds, animals, and fish. Most pesticides kill or damage life forms other than those intended. To prevent Land Pollution, it is advised that more and more land should be brought under farming.

Environmental law and practice in India: overview

Trees should be planted everywhere. Waste matter should be disposed immediately and avoid drilling the Land for more underground water. Urban setups, building towns by cutting trees, factories that emit lot of pollution like waste materials and by products all cause soil pollution.

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  5. Using harmful chemicals to prevent pests, insects go and mix up in the soil thereby making it poisonous for living beings. Similarly, usage of excessive fertilizers make the soil unfit for living beings. Wastes from households, huge drainage systems in big towns, and factory sewage also make the soil dirty and pollute it. Noise pollution is more popular in urban areas where the high volume of sound from vehicles, flights and helicopters, different workshops, machine noise etc make it impossible to stay in those areas. We as humans like calm environment but noise pollution adds a constant din in the day to day life that is harmful for the ear and can cause deafness in extreme cases. Birds and animals die due to noise pollution and students cannot study mindfully. Similarly, old aged people also have a big issue with noise pollution which takes away their peace of mind.

    As responsible citizens, we should say no pollution causing products, refrain from using fossil fuels likes coal, petrol and start using eco-friendly products. Another big thing that we can do is, plant more trees, support afforestation so that they prevent soil pollution, keep our air clean and safe and also reduce global warming which is a by product of air pollution. We can prevent pollution by educating people, fellow students and relatives to stop using vehicles if possible or use a local transport like buses or car pulls to commute.