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Public speaking is the way of delivering a speech in front of an audience. Speaking in front of a group of people takes a lot of bravery and detailed preparation. To be a good public speaker one needs skills and strategies. Public speaking skills are the key to success in almost any profession. Public speaking skills are important not only in making professional presentations but also to build professional network.

Whether it is small talk or academic presentation, the ability to present oneself effectively is a deciding factor of career related success in academics.

Oral Presentations

With a few strategies, it is possible to reach the set goals respectively. To make the presentation effective, the presenter must consider a few elements and the most important element is the audience. It is very important to know your audience in delivering your speech. The types of information needed in audience analysis are stated as below;. Age — to consider the age range because there is a need to use information that is familiar to the listeners;.

Gender — men and women share a broad range of experiences and different socialization, topic can be made relevant to both genders;. Education — the audience has a variety of educational backgrounds and it is can affect the topic chosen to spoken about and how to approach the topic;. Professional — the audience has a variety of professional backgrounds.

Needs to know the job requirement for each employee and not confuse a topic with a professional function;. Level of Knowledge and Experience — the presenter must know the knowledge and experience level of the audience so that the presenter can better focus on the presentation and deliver information using the right level of detail. Languages — It is an important medium of exchange between presenter and audience. Do not talk down to the audience and avoid oversimplifying the examples.

The choice of language will either benefit or interrupt learning. Delivering an effective oral presentation needs good preparation. Preparing for an oral presentation is as important as delivering the presentation. If your preparation is not good enough, your goal for your message to be clear, organized and well thought out cannot be achieved.

In order to prepare an oral presentation, you need to;. Choose a topic that you are understand and are familiar with and your audience can easily understand. Study your topic and use other sources such as internet, books, articles and experts to enhance your presentation. The topic should be interesting, easy to search and locate reliable sources. Verify the purpose of presentation because oral presentation has so many topics and varies. It is depends on the message that you will deliver.

Analyze the audience and know their expectations. Think about their age, values, gender, education and knowledge level. Structuring your presentation — structure your presentation by giving an introduction, main ideas and conclusion. Structuring your presentation can avoid confusion and frustration to the audience.

How to Write an Oral Presentation

Introduction — inform your topic and explain to the audience what your presentation will cover. Provide an outline of the main points. You also can provide any necessary background to make your presentation more interesting. A good introduction will capture an audience attention. Make sure that your information is well-structured and provide clear connections between main points, explanations and examples.

Conclusion — summarise your main points and do not give any new information in the conclusion.

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Restate the main points to show that you have covered all the points and achieved your aim to deliver the message effectively. Invite the audience to questions and re-answer the question. You must be able to understand your card notes in order to deliver them to an audience. Make your card notes easy to see and read. Use your card notes as a guide to help you remember what needs to be said. Think about the length of time you have to speak and the amount of information you can include.

Plan and prepare your visual aids. Learn the use of Powerpoint well before your presentation.

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Do the simple visual aids and do not confuse your audience with unnecessary use of animation, sound clips or colors which are not connected to your topic. Rehearse your presentation in an environment that is similar to where you will be giving your presentation and get its length right.

Practice in front of your friends or family and use your visual aids.

see You also can tape yourself so that you can identify your areas of weakness and improve on it. Practice and time your presentation by using a stopwatch in order to make sure that your presentation does not exceed the time limit or is too short. Making an effective oral presentation involves focusing on the needs of your audience, careful planning and good delivery of your speech.

An important step when you give your presentation is how you introduce or begin your topic of presentation. The introduction is important because it is used to lure audience to listening to what you have to say. The purpose is to catch the attention of your audience. Make your introduction as brief as possible because long introductions tend to bore the audience.

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The main aim of speech introduction is to introducing speech topic and its purpose. Begin your introduction speech with the following;. Greet your audience with a sincere smile. Introduce your name again even though you are already been introduced. Saying your name personalizes things and affords you some time to focus your thoughts on your speech.

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  • The first line must contain information about you. Ask the audience a rhetorical question. Do not expect it to be answered by your audience. Actually you use the question to set the outline for your speech.

    You give an answer and then build the interest. Make a very controversial statement. Start your speech by telling the audience something that they do not know. It can be an interesting statistic or a controversial idea. Provoking the thoughts of the audience will keep them interested to hear your upcoming speech.

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    Give a definition of an expert to enhance your credibility. You also can use definitions from dictionaries or other authoritative sources. If you use this technique make sure you find an interesting definition and deliver it with impact. Ask a proactive question which allows the audience to become part of the speech. You are sure of grabbing their attention with a question especially if it is related to the subject matter of the presentation. Starting your speech with a question helps to engage your audience mentally as they will seek to find answers to the question you asked even if you do not specifically request a response from them.

    You need to deliver the information they want to hear such as the definition of terms, describing the situation, facts, figure, references or examples. Concluding speeches are also very important in your oral presentation. A good conclusion sensibly reinforces your ideas and enhances your speech.

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    You can conclude your speech by a restatement of your speech, summarize main points in a brief and concise manner and use references but do not use the same device in the conclusion. When you are presenting in front of your audience, it is very important to know how you are being perceived. Below are the tips on how to make your presentation more effective;. Body Language — adopt a confident posture. An oral presentation can be a confusing and intimidating prospect.

    Often people are unclear as to what it actually is. An oral presentation is a verbal report or lecture or address about a particular topic or set of topics. It may include visual props, slides or video clips, but the bulk of the content is delivered from a speaker to an audience through words. It can be overwhelming to think of how to write an oral presentation, particularly if you've never done it before. It can also be scary because an oral presentation requires you to speak as the center of attention for a period of at least a few minutes. Many people are afraid of public speaking, and the idea of having to give an oral presentation can cause a great deal of anxiety.

    However, with preparedness and practice, you'll find that writing an oral presentation is less frightening than it seems.