Essay on loyalty in the army

It entails living by all the Army requirements and gaining reputation for putting the values of the Army before self-preservation even in the face of personal detriment.

The highest award in the military is the Medal of Honor that is given to soldiers whose performance in the Army is extraordinary Patton, Integrity means doing what is legally and morally right even when nobody is on the watch. Hence, soldiers of the United States are required to be of unquestionable character. All soldiers are thus obliged to be honest in their words and character U. Therefore, soldiers must be above moral reproach to an extent that they can put righteousness before popularity, and operate in a moral manner even in the absence and vigilance of their captains.

The Importance of respect in the military Essay

Military work involves confronting threatening and fatal situations. Such undertaking requires a soldier to have personal courage. Personal courage enables soldiers to move on and not retreat, even in the face of danger Patton, They must demonstrate strong physical and moral bravery and take responsibility for their faults.

Personal courage also implies good recollection and ability to tell the captain about the operations where a soldier was wrong, especially during moments of reflection after the operations. Patton cited that moral courage refers to the willingness of a soldier to stand by the military values, principles and personal convictions so as to offer diligent service even if such a move may be hurting. In conclusion, the values of the United States Army have enabled the soldiers to successfully carry out military operations within its borders and beyond with great diligence and discipline.

A Soldier's Values and Standards

Recognition of the role of military values and emphasis on the success of the United States Army operations made the country establish a united and committed military force ready to execute its mandate as one team. The paper you delivered far exceeded my expectations. Keeping a clean uniform shows to other members the pride that you take in the obligations you hold in serving your country.

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The Army Values Essay

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