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Writing an essay about someone or something else is a missed opportunity. This does not mean you cannot acknowledge the people in your life who have had a huge impact on you — the prompt clearly invites you to do just that. But your essay needs to focus on that impact on you.

Specifically, on you.

The UC prompt for all applicants is equally broad, intentionally allowing for personalized interpretation. The best essays here are specific and deep rather than all-encompassing. Do not repeat your list of activities; think beyond your awards and accolades to a specific characteristic that may not already be celebrated elsewhere in your application.

Feel free to interpret this prompt in any way that makes you feel excited about sharing your thoughts.


Together, these pieces are your chance to become more than data — to actually connect with the admissions officer and show them the person you will be on campus. College Essays. July 14, by Becky Leichtling. Search for:.

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Welcome to The Insider! In some cases, these students had real challenges to overcome and were able to write about them successfully.

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This person was admitted to a top UC. This student was admitted to Harvard. Yes, you read that right—she wrote about joining the military and receiving enemy fire. She was admitted to a top UC.

We pray that none of you will ever be in this kind of situation, but these experiences represent the spectrum that we encounter. Organizing study sessions may sound simple and maybe even insignificant when compared to some of the more dramatic life experiences mentioned above, but one can arguably say that the weekly study sessions inspired fellow members to take debate more seriously and directly contributed to new, lasting friendships and the success of the debate team, results that no college can say are bad.

You are not alone if you think your life in student government has been nothing but mundane; many students actually solve problems and take leadership roles daily without realizing it!


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In the next email, you can read two sample essays about the UC leadership prompt. Most common essay mistakes: Add more detail to your writing Posted on 9 Oct Most common essay mistakes: Avoid using informal words, such as "stuff" Posted on 11 Sep UC admissions for fall Brutal Posted on 31 May Remember this for the UC essay questions Read 8; pick 4 to respond to. The full leadership prompt Here is the entire prompt for the first personal insight question: Describe an example of your leadership experience in which you have positively influenced others, helped resolve disputes, or contributed to group efforts over time.

What to write about Think about this: Along with academic success and passion for all you do in life and in school, leadership is consistently one of the most common topics to write about.