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A Critical Analysis of William Shakespeare's "The Tempest" | Kibin

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Critical Essays on Shakespeare's the Tempest

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  • A secure payment system processes all transfers to ensure their safety. I'd love to hear your opinion on this, please respond promptly. Home About. Survivors are washed safely ashore the island. Estranged siblings, Antonio and Prospero, reconcile. Marriage is promised between Ferdinand and Miranda. The schemes by Stephano, Trinculo and Caliban against Prospero fail and they are justly punished. Every character seems to receive what they deserve. In Robert B. This benevolent perspective alludes to the harmonious conclusion of The Tempest and suggests the island to be a utopian idyll.

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    It must be remembered, nonetheless, that this utopia has its beginning in chaos. This malevolent atmosphere of disorder is a parallel to the scheming of numerous characters against one another. On the island, Antonio persuades Sebastian, to collude in a murder of his sleeping brother. The numerous schemes of usurpation, when viewed collectively, hint at an underlying disharmony.

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    These numerous schemes of usurpation are reflections of the human nature to gain dominance over another, even when this dominance has to be acquired through unscrupulous means. While the ending resolves amicably enough, there is a lingering discomfort that this utopia is temporal.

    True, some of the characters are punished for their illicit attempts to gain power but punishment does not equate enlightenment; they may not have truly learned any lessons. This recalls his usurpation of dukedom from Prospero and his encouragement to Sebastian to stab his sleeping brother.

    Essay on An Analysis of Shakespeare's The Tempest

    This recalcitrant nature of Antonio demonstrates the reluctance of human beings to change. The eventual utopian ending on the island is tainted by doubts that some characters have yet to turn over a new leaf and may lapse into self-serving manipulative habits again.

    Also, the theme of illusion in The Tempest creates an ambiguity such that island cannot be easily classified as a utopia or dystopia. Everything is not what it appears to be. From the setting of the first scene, the storm is not natural; it is created by Ariel at the command of Prospero Act I, Scene I. Prospero insists on him being a victim of usurpation when he is not entirely blameless; it is his negligence of his kingdom which had led to his downfall.

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    Not only are there deceptions and schemes to usurp, there are also mystical illusions and self-delusions. This recurrent theme that nothing can be taken at face value evokes a nagging feeling that the island may not be as utopian as it appears. The ambiguity in the nature of the island is inextricably linked to the perspectives of the viewer too.

    To Gonzalo, Adrian and Caliban, the island is breathtakingly beautiful and serene. Their cynicism and sarcasm plainly discloses their disdain for the island. Depending on the perspectives of the character, the island can paradoxically be a utopia or a dystopia. Does this island truly belong to him?