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Of course, extracurricular engagement is one of the areas we consider when evaluating applications, and leadership roles demonstrate outstanding commitment to an activity. But so do things like consistent and extended involvement and personal contributions. Not true. The students we accept in Early Decision are of the same high quality as the students we accept in Regular Decision - on average they have the same grades, scores, extracurricular commitments and vibrant qualities that make our applicants qualified.

You should never apply to a school Early Decision for strategic purposes - Early Decision is an opportunity to apply if you know that you would choose Tufts over any other school on your list. To be honest, though, this particular myth requires a response that's a little more nuanced than that. You can check that out here! Community service is a great thing, and it's something that really matters to Tufts we do have an entire college of Civic Life for a reason.

But, there is no requirement for acceptance that says you have to do community service to get accepted, and plenty of the students we accept haven't done any.

We generally prefer that the activities you do are things that are meaningful to you. And that goes for everything, not just community service! So you should try community service and athletics, and music, and anything that you think you might love - if you really like it and end up doing a lot, great! If not, spend that time doing something else productive sorry, watching Friends re-runs on Netflix doesn't count as productive.

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Start a band, join mock trial, play a sport, or write short stories - whatever makes you happy. Your application will be much stronger if you follow your passions rather than spending your time checking off boxes for admissions officers. We require each item in our application for a reason, and an application with too many "extras" can actually dilute your message and take attention away from the salient points we asked for. We read files by school so that we can better understand your success in the context of your environment.

For that reason, we do evaluate your application in the context of the other students in your class. This helps us put your performance into perspective, especially as it pertains to the rigor of your curriculum. But there is no quota from each school. Give us your best effort. Seriously and that goes for Instagram, Twitter, etc. If this type of inspection would be useful to our decision-making, we would ask you to send us a link to your Facebook page so we could evaluate its content.

But there are enough things in your application for us to evaluate and, frankly, there are some things we should not see. Facebook is one of them. Everybody wins when we use your highest test scores. No matter which tests you are submitting to Tufts, we will take the highest scores on each section of that test to evaluate. End of story. Getting a call from a coach doesn't mean you're getting recruited.

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It means the coach called you, and may be interested in recruiting you at some point. Once a coach has told you that you have their support, this is not a guarantee of admission. It means that the coach's support will be considered by the admissions office as part of the holistic view of your application alongside your academic strength, extracurricular achievement, and personal qualities. The coach's support certainly makes an impact, but we'll still be looking for students who are strong academic and personal fits for Tufts, even when evaluating recruited athletes.

Your parts of the application—the Tufts writing supplement and the first half of the Common Application—must be received by the deadline. But, your Secondary School Report, teacher recommendations, alumni interview, and standardized testing can—and often do—arrive after that date. We understand that different high schools are on different schedules, test scores often take a long time to process and send, and teachers are writing many recommendations and often need some additional time to get those in - and that's OK.

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Let's tackle the myths: It's better to get a lower grade in a harder course than it is to get a higher grade in an easier course If my test scores are below a certain number, I won't get in Anything that's "optional" on a college application is actually secretly "required" It looks bad if I take the SAT or the ACT too many times I have a better chance of getting in if I go meet my admissions officer, send them emails, and get an interview with them I need to be the president of every club I'm in to be competitive in my college application It's easier to get in Early Decision I won't get in if I didn't do community service.

Continue reading at all levels.

Begin to emphasize writing and general communication skills. Watch for emerging leadership traits.

Increase involvement with teachers and administrators. GPA and class rank begin to accumulate. Schedule only the most challenging courses. Consider APs if they are available. Excel in academics and extracurricular pursuits. Don't waste summer. Schedule APs where possible. Continue to develop extracurricular interests. Volunteerism and general community service now become important. What academic strengths are developing?

Pursue them. Take another SAT in the spring. SAT Is in June? Writing skills and vocabulary should be sharpening. Plan a meaningful summer. Read books from college reading lists. More AP courses. Parents' assets need to be positioned for maximum protection from financial aid assessment by December Start looking at college candidates. Have six by summer Reach, Ballpark, and Safeties.

Visit the campuses. Start thinking about college application essays. Volunteer work and extracurriculars should be well developed by now. Begin college counseling. Summer should include something that relates to higher education. The big year. Still more APs.

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Send for college applications. Pick teachers for recommendations.

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Consider Early Decision or Early Action for your clear, first-choice pick. It's essay time. Explore electronic applications. Learn to love your counselor.


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